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Lesson Yesterday :)

I had the BEST lesson EVER yesterday. My horse was a rockstar :) Once Kelly saw that he had changes, we decided to see what he could do. So yesterday we really worked on his changes and flexion. He likes to really get stiff and lock his jaw sometimes so we worked on exaggerating our bend. He was AMAZING! And I think he was having a blast too. He started to play at the end, like he was really enjoying himself. It was super cute. She said she thinks she can have us ready for third by this new show season! We'll have the whole winter to work on everything! I'm super excited and I think Kore is too.

The weekend of August 13th we're doing a clinic. My trainer and her daughter are bringing David Donnelly (sp?) I'm really excited and can't wait to see what someone else thinks of my stud muffin lol. And both my trainer and her daughter were invited to ride in the Edward Gal clinic! Only Fallon is though. There was one spot left so Kelly gave it to Fallon for Giuliani. I'm excited to hear how that goes too :)

First attempt at a test!

I had my lesson Monday and we rode our test for basically the first time. It went really well even though he is tripping and since he was tripping we hadn't warmed up our canter at all. We're doing first level test one. It's a really fun test, I liked it a lot. We're doing a show in August!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!! I'm super excited for it :) We're going to Grand Haven. I just want us to put in a decent showing and have no major errors.
We think his tripping is because of a sore back from poor saddle fit. We can't get a new saddle until he loses the weight he's supposed to since that could really alter the fit. I don't think it will be overly long though. He's getting a massage Wednesday and then I'm taking a lesson Friday.
I love Kelly and Fallon. They are the best. I'm so happy I found them, I really lucked out.
I decided I need to start a more serious workout plan, after all if I expect Kore to be a good athlete, then I should be one too :)

Saw Toy Story 3 tonight, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Almost lesson time!

I have another lesson tomorrow night! I'm super excited and I'm making Mom tape it so I can watch it. He's been going really well lately. Thursday we did our whole test (first level, test one) and he was pretty good for it being his first time through the whole thing. He's been tripping a bit lately, only undersaddle. We think it might be the saddle fit since we know it's not that great. We're waiting to get one until he loses the weight he's supposed to though. It more than likely has to be something I'm doing because so far he hasn't tripped any other time except when being ridden *knock on wood*
We just found out he's IR so he's on thyro-l and chromium. The vet said once he loses the weight he should be able to come off the meds but he'll have to wear a grazing muzzle.
His cut is healing well :) The vet said it looked better than she expected.
Today he's going to get lunged in side reins and he had yesterday off.
I'd really like to go to a show. I think we really could put in a decent showing at first, test one. I'm going to talk to Kelly about it. I'm thinking of aiming for the one in mid-August if not the one at the end of July.
I went up to LEC yesterday to watch the barn compete. They did pretty well but it seemed like the horses were all tense. Come to find out today, a house exploded next to the show! There was a gas leak. I'm sure they're all tense today! Scary, very scary. I did get some nice pictures yesterday though so I'm happy. I love photography and really want a nice camera that can do indoor and outdoor shots.
Well now I'm off to barn land!

It's been awhile...

So it's been awhile since I've been on here. I just started riding again after taking a couple of months off to finish up my junior year of college! Kore didn't seem to mind the break. We started working again a couple weeks ago and took a lesson last Friday. He was wonderful. It was like we never stopped working. We both seemed to remember almost everything, it was fantastic. We didn't want to push him too hard since he's sort of out of shape so we did some circle work to get warmed up and then worked on figure eights at the canter. We did the figure eights with changes at the walk and trot. My trainer went, "Your upward transitions are 10s, your downwards are 6s!" So obviously we need to work on our downward transitions some more ;) She said that I'm a really talented rider :D I was sooooo excited when she said that. I really do feel like we could do well if I could just manage to sit the trot! I started a weight loss program (I've lost 6 pounds so far!) and I've been doing a lot of core work with it so I'm hopeful that will help me in the sitting trot. I'm also having problems sitting back at the canter. I think that's been the hardest switch from hunters. I've also developed piano hands :o

Sunday I discovered Kore was very stocked up. A couple people said it might be wind puffs so off we went for a walk. Then another boarder came into the arena and was like, "Is that blood?" And sure enough he had a pretty nasty cut on him. The vet came out Tuesday and said it was more than likely infected so he's on antibiotics and bute now. The puffiness is pretty much all gone and he's working normal :) Gave me a little scare though. So Monday we were supposed to take a lesson but since I didn't know why he was puffy I decided not to. I rode him this week a bit though and worked on our leg yields and halts. It went pretty well :) My plans for this week are:
Monday-work on canter serpentines
Tuesday-downward transitions and canter serpentines
Wednesday-fun, stretchy hack, possibly a trail ride
Saturday-stretchy hack

In other news, I took the praxis yesterday! It was really hard so I'm just crossing my fingers that I passed so I don't have to take it again! I think that's all for now :)

Lesson :)

So after a whole week off because of a lost shoe, we had a lesson today. It was amazing! We started off just walking and such. Then we moved into the trot and worked on our circles (they look like... eggs? pentagons?). Then we did some shallow serpentines. They were a lot harder than I thought! I thought they would be so much easier! But you have to really be on your toes because of the constant change of bend and such. We moved onto leg yields and working on our figure eight. Our figure eight is getting A LOT better. Our leg yields are awesome! At first he sometimes trails his butt but once we get moving he's really good at them. Then we did some leg yields into the canter. Our canter to the right was very good but the left needs some work (or was it opposite? I really need to learn my directions! LOL). After our canter we worked on the dreaded sitting trot! :O It actually wasn't too bad. I still felt like at any moment I could be popped out of the saddle but Kelly said it didn't look that way at all and she was really impressed with us. She said I'm a very talented rider :D She taught me how to work my thighs to bend him and stuff and it was really cool but man my legs are sore! Since he hadn't been worked in a week we decided to call it quits after the sitting trot work.

His trot is coming along so nicely! I feel like I've learned so much in the four weeks we've been taking lessons.

I plan to do something with him tomorrow but then I won't be out Friday or Saturday :(
I rode him Tuesday and our trot work was pretty good. We worked on our leg yields, I haven't quite mastered asking him to move over when the outside leg goes forward. We're working on it lol. We also worked on our tear drops at the trot. Those are starting to look a little better I think lol. Our canter, however, was a disaster. He was VERY strung out. I found out why tonight though, the saddle was pushing on his withers in a way that made the canter quite painful.

Today we had a lesson. We worked on turns on the forehands and turns on the haunches. Very difficult IMO. We've got the forehand one down pat but the haunches is very hard. He does not like it at all. It sort of confuses me so I need to work on it. Then we did some trot work on a circle and working on moving him in and out on the circle (spiraling). We're getting pretty good at that. We worked on some leg yields as well. We like to do a leg yield to the wall and then canter. It really helps our transitions. We tried to do some canter work but the saddle was just too painful so we just worked at the trot. He seemed pretty comfortable at the trot so it worked out okay. We worked on a figure eight to learn our weaknesses (definitely right to left is hard work for us). Next week Kelly is bringing her saddle so we can see how it fits him and how I like it. Then we will order one. For now she suggested a specific type of pad to help make the saddle more comfortable to him.

Tomorrow is Turkey Day! Gobble, gobble! So Kore will get the day off, maybe talk a long walk to stretch his legs out (just remembered I forgot to put liniment on him! I'm such a bad Mom!) Friday I'll probably ride. Saturday he'll have off because I'm putting up my tree and going to see Wicked with the BF (YEA!) Then starts a whole new week :D My last week of classes! WOOOOOHOOOO! I may take another lesson Sunday, we'll see. That's all for now folks :)

Massages and Lunging

Saturday Kore had his second massage :) He is getting a lot better but apparently the saddle we've been using needs a pad. The saddle is temporary as I am getting one for Christmas. However, we are ordering one from overseas so it will take a bit of time to get here. For now we'll just try to make it work. If it becomes too painful then we'll just go back to our Pessoa until the new saddle arrives. Other than that, apparently his jaw is a little sore so she showed me some techniques to use before I put the bridle on and after I take it off. She said it's just from the different, harder work. So all in all it was good. The other guy (Irish) got massaged too and is doing much better as well so yay!

Today I lunged him in side reins. He was pretty good. Our canter circles are a bit... interesting. He has a hard time keeping his balance sometimes but I think the side reins helped a lot. He looked so gorgeous! We worked on a lot of transitions in preparation for our lesson Wednesday. He is so dirty though. Silly greys!

Tomorrow he is off because I'm on campus from 8:50am-7:50pm. Tuesday I'll ride, Wednesday I'll have a lesson :)

For now I'm off to work on classwork (I hate being in college!)

Thursday and Friday

So I just turned them out yesterday. I wanted to give Kore a day to relax since he had two hard days in a row. Unfortunately I'm not going to get out today :( BF is coming up to visit and the schedule just doesn't work well. So tomorrow I might be out (wasn't planning on it but will try and squeeze it in) but I'll just lunge him in sidereins. Sunday will be the next time I ride again.

Kore's Biography :)

So as requested, my baby's information :)
He is a 12-year-old, grey, gelding. He's 15.3 hands. He's branded Westphalian but he's actually a Hanoverian TB cross. I've had him for six years. We've done some hunters and a tiny bit of jumpers (he's kind of pokey). He's really funny, quite the personality! He thinks he's a human. Whenever we're at a show, he *HAS* to be under the tent with us *sigh* And he LOVES watermelon. Will kill you for it. He's awesome undersaddle and once he gets moving he's amazing to work with. However, watch out for him in his stall. He's quite possessive of his territory because of the way his previous barn was set up.
He came from an eventing background but was broke by Monty Roberts! He didn't quite have the stamina for cross country so his old owner wanted to sell him as a dressage horse. We were going up to watch my old trainer's sister show in a dressage show and we saw him in another ring and remarked how beautiful he was. We saw later that he was for sale and that he evented. At the time I was looking for a hunter all over the United States and Canada so we thought why not try him out? I loved him and he was right in my own backyard! She was okay selling him to me even though it wasn't a dressage background. However, it seems like we've come full circle now and I'm really excited :)

Our problem areas:
Sitting trot-I flat out suck at it.
Circles-they're more like eggs and we lose our forward motion about halfway through
Corners-see above note on forward motion lol
Canter-it's a work in progress but is improving. It used to be nothing short of a disaster when I would try to collect him.
Straightness-he likes to over bend left

This was my senior picture about three years ago.

recent picture from the summer.

Second Lesson

I had my second lesson tonight with Kelly and it was amazing! She thinks Kore and I have some real talent, she loves his gaits! Of course, it's what he's bred for so it all makes sense, right? She thinks we should start with First Level so that would be awesome. We worked on keeping him super straight because he likes to over bend to the left. We worked on walking in squares to really feel the straightness. Then we did some trot work on a circle. Next we went to some leg yields to really work on moving him off my leg. We're working on moving him forward as well so we did a lot of work to try and get an immediate response out of him. It was so much fun.
After he was moving forward and really working, we started working on a few things that will appear in our tests. We tried a few tear drops (I had to ask what the start of a 10m circle would like! My major is English Ed. not Geometry!) Then we worked on our canter and crossing the diagonal with trot steps at x. We also worked on our 15m canter circles (once again I had to ask how big that would be! I felt so stupid!)
When working on leg yields she told me to ask when the outside leg is forward when I'm moving towards the wall and when the inside leg is forward when going away from the wall (or do I have that backwards? Shoot now I can't remember! I'll have to ask her before I work on those again!) I never had heard that before so it was kind of cool and it really seems to help!
She doesn't really have me worry about his head at all which is nice. She just has me make sure he is nice and soft before asking him to do anything. I think it is because when I am doing things properly, his headset just naturally comes.
I learned so much this week and I can't wait to work on some of the things we did tonight!